level designer



Horn images


I worked with Phosphor Games Studio as a level developer to create the AAA mobile title Horn. Horn is a 3rd person adventure game with a focus on movement interactions and 1 on 1 combat with stone beasts called Pygon.


Octodad is a third person adventure game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. During the development process I aided the team of 19 to concept prototype and design Octodad.


Casualty is a game I created for my Art Games class which is based off of a short animation. The idea was to use the provided video as inspiration and to create a game with a similar feeling and style that it provided.


CTF Genesis images


Genesis began as a level created for the DePaul UT3 Mod “Dawn Of The Spell�. However the mod was never officially released to the public so I continued work on the level for both Dawn of the Spell as well as converting it to a very small capture the flag arena.

TD Forbidden Palace images

TD-Forbidden Palace

An assignment for my advanced level design class, I designed a level in the 2008 DePaul UT3 Mod: Toon Doom with a focus on creating not only a fun and engaging platformer, but also a believable world that sold the level to the players

TD Vertical images


This level was created for my advanced level design class. The objective was to create a platformer level that utilized good pacing and difficulty progression.

VCTF Tranquility Chasm images

VCTF-Tranquility Chasm

This is a racing map created as an assignment for my advanced level design class. It contains no flags and thus has no captures or end game, only racing.The map and layout were specifically designed with the Scorpion in mind, thus the main challenge is to utilize the vehicle's boost wisely and slow down to make the quick turns around the course.

Y2K Game Show images

Y2K: Game Show

Y2k: Game Show is a retro sci-fi themed UT3 Mod I created with a team of students at DePaul University. This gametype offers a new perspective on the old game show theme by adding in a deadly twist.


In my blog I discuss new techniques and tutorials.