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VCTF - Tranquility Chasm


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About  vctf-tranquility-chasm:


VCTF-Tranquility Chasm is a racing map that was created as an assignment for my advanced level design class. The map contains no flags and thus has no captures or end game, only racing. The map and layout were specifically designed with the Scorpion in mind, thus the main challenge is to utilize the vehicle's boost wisely and slow down to make the quick turns around the course. Miss calculate the timing and you might end up running straight into a wall or two.


This level was created strictly as a racing level and has no real way to win or score points, although players can still race around the map and keep track of laps and winners themselves.

The idea behind the level was to take the UT3 vehicle, the “Scorpion", and create a racing level based on it's basic abilities. What was created became Tranquility Chasm, a fairly large map with a few specifics I wanted to convey through the level itself. One was the use of the bridge as a main landmark and point of reference for the whole map; the bridge also serves as the first straight-away on the course. Two was to create a map that allowed the Scorpion to be used in a more tactical way. The layout itself is based on finding the best times to use the scorpion boost and the best times to slow down and brake. Careful timing as well as good driving skill is key to come out on top in this racing arena.


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