Castles Made of Sand

Castles Made of Sand is a game based on a Jimi Hendrix song of the same name. The game was created for my Art Games class in about 2 weeks of full production and a few more of experimentation. The idea focuses on what we took away from the song, which is a sense of change. The song’s chorus is all about how sand castles will always wash away into the sea. Much of the song and it’s lyrics feel sad but it combines this with a strangely upbeat and happy melody. It’s a weird mix but it helps create the idea that this constant world of change can be both good or bad.

Our game uses this idea to allow a lot of creativity, players can quickly create sand castles using randomly given pieces. However, the sea around them will eventually eat away at everything and break it down. Players simply have to accept the changes, they can rebuild a similar structure or create something entirely new.

You can download the game here: CastleFinalPresentation

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Casualty is a game I created for my Art Games class which is based off of a short animation. The idea was to use the provided video as inspiration and to create a game with a similar feeling and style that it provided.


Download the game here: Casualty

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10 Art Game Ideas:

So, for our first assignment we had to come up with 10 quick game ideas. Each one needed to be an Art Game in some way or another. The focus was to create change in the normal flow a traditional game would follow.


Generally we would stay within a smaller threshold of the traditional flow, increasing difficulty at some spots or bringing it back down to let the player relax for a moment. The blue line shows the basic flow path that you stick around while the red is what we are trying to accomplish with our “Art Games”. With each game idea, we want to push away from the traditional flow in some way or another and make some crazy flow pattern. It doesn’t even have to be a connected line if we don’t want, it could be completely broken up, jumping from extremely difficult to no difficulty at all.

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Art Games

This is my last year at DePaul University, and I’m finishing up my last few game dev classes, one of which is “Art Games”. The class focuses on how games can become an art form as well as how to create games with a focus on being art rather than a traditional game.

Immediately we have to ask the question, are games art?

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