Let’s Make: Video Tutorials

Hey everyone, after a few comments about wanting tutorials in video format I figured I’d give it a shot. My knowledge in video capture and editing is limited to what I can learn through trial and error as well as google. This means that the teaching format is much less professional feeling and more focused on just walking through all the steps as I go.

Hopefully I’ll get a bit better at this over time but the goal is to simply get more tutorials out faster. I find that my previous posts took a lot of time and effort not only writing but in getting all the images I needed for each post, cropped, uploaded and put in order. This should eliminate a fair amount of work and should help me focus on blueprint creation.

My initial videos are going to be a mix of previous tutorials transferred into video format and new ones. The first is the transferred version of “Changing a character’s speed based on the angle of the floor” and you can find it here:

Hopefully I can get the other tutorials out and done quickly!

GoW: High Rise Update

Got a day to finish out the backgrounds and small details on High rise, one of my Gears level instances I created a while back. The level turned out to be much larger than I wanted and I haven’t had too much time to go back and finish it up until now.

It still isn’t perfect and has lots of things that I wish I did differently as I went but it was still a fun project. The level is pretty close to being as complete as I’d like, so instead of ripping apart the level and changing things that could be slightly better I figure I’d take what I learned and apply it to my future level instances.