Octodad is a third person adventure game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. During the development process I aided the team of 19 to concept prototype and design Octodad.


I worked with Phosphor Games Studio as a level developer to create the AAA mobile title Horn. Horn is a 3rd person adventure game with a focus on movement interactions and 1 on 1 combat with stone beasts called Pygon.

CTF Genesis

Genesis began as a level created for the DePaul UT3 Mod “Dawn Of The Spell”. However the mod was never officially released to the public so I continued work on the level for both Dawn of the Spell as well as converting it to a very small capture the flag arena.

A mystical tome once forgotten has resurfaced from ancient myth and legend. Those who believed in its lore and brave enough to search may find the priceless artifact. The pages that hold the very essence of life. Genesis.

TD – Forbidden Palace

Welcome to the Animator’s Forbidden Palace. This palace is one of the few secret and sacred places still untouched by man, until now… There are very few Erazors still left in the cartoon world, and only one of those few still remain at the top of the Forbidden Palace. There can only be one victor. Race to the top and take the power of the Erazor for yourself to gain ultimate glory. Become a God!


TD-Vertical takes place in a unique and strange world. It’s a race to the finish as players make their way to the twisting tower in the distance. Watch your footing as some elements of the buildings are not what they seem to be.