ABOUT TD – Forbidden Palace


Welcome to the Animator’s Forbidden Palace. This palace is one of the few secret and sacred places still untouched by man, until now… There are very few Erazors still left in the cartoon world, and only one of those few still remain at the top of the Forbidden Palace. There can only be one victor. Race to the top and take the power of the Erazor for yourself to gain ultimate glory. Become a God!


This level was the second I created for my advanced level design class. For this assignment we were to create a level in the 2008 DePaul UT3 Mod: Toon Doom with a focus on creating not only a fun and engaging platformer, but also a believable world that sold the level to the players. Although the cartoon-esque visuals and play style of Toon Doom are not realistic, they can still become a believable and “lived in” world.


The Palace I created is in ruins and overgrown with vines and foliage, but I was unfortunately never able to change over all the level’s materials to the cartoony Toon Doom versions. Players race through it’s former glory and make their way to the top avoiding traps guarding the all-powerful Erazor.