30 Days to Production

A past professor of mine once challenged a friend of mine to create a game pitch each and every week for a year. He did this as a design exercise, learning to create game ideas quickly and to get a lot of ideas out.  30 Days to Production is my own take on this, just condensed into 30 days.

A few of my friends and I decided to take this challenge and create a number of game pitches in rapid succession. We ended up with a Wiki where we created and posted a game idea every day for 30 days. The plan was to eventually create one of these games after all of our pitches were posted but we quickly realized that even if we didn’t end up creating one of the games, the pressure of quickly creating pitches was good practice.

We also found that this creation was very difficult.

But practice makes perfect. So even now, after all 30 days are up, I’ve decided to continue making these small projects, creating small pieces of game design, level design and more. Whatever I need to get better at I can practice, either with pen and paper or small digital prototypes.

As I work on each of these ideas I’ll post my findings and projects here, not only to let others see what my thinking was or my process but to keep track of how I’ve learned and progressed over time.

30 Game Pitches:

I have already finished up my 30 game ideas so I’ll put them up as soon as I find time. Each post will have a summary of the idea, basic game play, art style and tech requirements or problems that I foresee. I could add in a lot more detail for each pitch, but I feel that keeping them short and to the point can help foster experimentation and iteration later on if the idea is ever used.

Not all of these games are good ideas or all that original but each one I tried to keep small, fun and interesting.

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